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tv   [untitled]    September 28, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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control to tenants in common. i have a way of making it happen when it goes off-line. you start with a person ab878 years onto the property 44 and the rank equals [inaudible] you go to the next person, 60 years of age owns the property for 40. the reason i like this ranking is because the people that own the property and part of san francisco the longest get rewarded and can go in going to tenants and common. they have the option. will continue another time i hope. thank you. >> thank you. any of the members of the public was to speak in general public, the general public him and is now closed. medical could you read our counter >> item 32-34 are being considered without committee reference. these items consider
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routine single member may object remove it and send it to committee or consider it separately. >> would anyone like to sever any of these items? can we met a cryptic rollcall vote >> item 32-34 supervisor avalos aye supervisor agreed aye supervisor compost aye supervisor chiu aye supervisor: aye supervisor federal aye supervisor kim aye supervisor mark aye supervisor jane aye supervisor wiener aye supervisor yee can want aye there are 11 aye judge of these resolutions are adopted emotions approved. "can you read the ending were mobsters of today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following individuals: on behalf of president chiu [inaudible] on behalf of supervisor kim for the late robert joyce williams. on behalf of supervisor yee for mrs. rosetta and jaco and
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mister and former state senator john francis karen. >> i want to take a moment to think smg jv with [inaudible] for bringing this meeting to their home today. with that madam clerk is earning more business in front of the porches of that concludes our business for today >> piggies and gentlemen we are adjourned. good morning. w
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september 23, 2014, welcome to the san francisco transportation authority i'm supervisor avalos the chair of the authority and today's clerk is erica chang and the broadcasting is brought to us by jonathan and jessie larson thank you for your work madam clerk call roll. >> supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos absent supervisor chiu supervisor cohen supervisor farrell absent supervisor kim absent supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee we have quorum. >> thank you madam clerk next item. >> item 2 approval the
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july 22nd, 2014, item. >> colleagues, any questions seeing none, on our minutes from the transportation authority meeting and seeing none, we'll close public comment. >> good morning the commission function bart from all of the el sincerity to the center seeing inside the train i was business the passengers this whole years of 3 hundred and 65 days talking about the goeveng area to the passengers you know this is my way of making friendship to the passengers and i think that also on to san francisco see i think the seat wise everything
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is a new changes this year somehow the city has undue a common trend that is changing everything from we've got the police department and fire department state argue department and public health department also the people in the central district professionals and all another areas of the all the people so this trend is because of re-election if november that was scott wiener as well as supervisor malia cohen people have an exception because a lot of the times it allows us - >> thank you very much no other members of the public the item a closed roll call.
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>> supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos at about supervisor chiu supervisor cohen supervisor farrell absent supervisor kim absent supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee that item passes. >> thank you next item and item 3 treasurers report an informational item. >> thank you there's much to report on the information but i want to share sobering news about a pedestrian fatality we're sorry for the loss of the family a 78-year-old grow. of 8 that was struck and killed in chinatown this past weekend it's been you know very difficult year i think that the board r ta board has done a lot
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of work and the board of supervisors to port the vision zero work but obviously much to be done we have so much work to do and it can't happenzoon enough i think that our vision zero committee will have e help with the education and capital street improvements when we meet on tuesday september at 10:00 a.m. at city hall i'm pleased to talk about governor's law under this law the drivers must maintain 3 photo when passing bicyclists if the motorist can't she or he must slow to a prudent speed and pass only when safe thank you to
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sandra and governor jerry brown and the treasure island management legal entity for the transportation authority that was a protected measure to firewall our prop k from the future operations of the new item ma we want to thank tom assemblyman for this initiative locally over the summer i was able to tour the yerba buena gardens island that is making progress together with our chief deputy i learned and experienced in a construction managers and contractors are keeping this on schedule and within budget under difficult conditions i want to recommend colleagues you take a tour of the
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construction site it is remarkable what is being done in anaconda fined spice which we and the entities including the navy is preceding as well as of the hard work we're seeing d b participation in the project and the cooperation is preceding with caltrain and the treasure island authority i want to recognize another team lead by senior engineer liz who is managing the off-ramp project it is complicated and demanding i want to appreciate the communication and let the public knows about the 0 closer and the detours in the area obtain a personal note i'm happy to see prop k on the agenda and thank you to the sfmta offer this
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weekend i was happy to gather with district 11 some of whom worked on the geneva transportation plan it resolved the plantings the project looks at great and officially laundry on sunday street excelsior festival on this sunday september 29th finally, i'd like to congratulate the sfmta on their procurement of the next generation light rail vehicle fleet thank you to supervisor breed for the approval for the legislation for the contract and the mayor and colleagues on the board for supporting this $1.2 billion investment as many residents can attest the l l vs are having maintenance issues that negatively impact transit
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service more than any other investment that helps munis reliability making it more attractive this is wyoming why one of the problematic category is for transit vehicle replacement prop k will provide $4.6 million for the first batch of l r r v beyond that prop k provides one hundred and $30 million for the existing l l r vs thank you for the transportation staff and our consultants and others for your work and assistance to the sfmta for this achievement with that, i'm conclude my remarks colleagues questions or comments
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seeing none, public comment on the chairs remarks. >> october october 5th center this is a special sunday with the sue most wrestles from 11:00 o'clock october 5th sunday at the center. >> okay. very good with that, seeing no other public comment next item and item 4 executive directors report an informational item. >> good morning, chair tilly chang welcome back from recess i hope you had an enjoyable recess we hit the nail on the head the ground running the first a seven
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hundred thousand grant from the regional couldn't to prove our transit reliability and crowding so those restraining order important if i understand that will rep help to boost the state of the art in the transportation modeling we're proud and congratulate our deputy director for the services and the transit study received good news that the mp c that is art and sfmta skews bart transit we received one million dollars federal granted from the tiger grant planning this is matched by prop k to the tune of another million dollars so we'll have $2 million to address the transbay corridor crowding we see even day and we'll moved in the future as supervisor avalos mentioned
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we saw the bill passed i express our appreciation in leading this initiative so you as the transportation authority board are the commissions of the new treasure island mobility agency and this roll will be bringing you a plan to put together the guns with the policies and procedures and thank you to supervisor kim we're excited about the treasure island project on cap & trade the comments we provided for the california environmental protection agency stressed did revisiting the business critical definition that will help to
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distribute the revenue for affordable housing using the cap & trade funds we're ascertained because the formulas are unfavorable to urban areas and don't help with the voosht in the southern california so we cooperated with the governor's office including our metropolitan transportation to advocate for a fair and appropriate standard for the distribution of disadvantaged community funds for example, under the proposed metrics bayview hunters point is included even though it's a vulnerable community with respect to social and environmental efforts weight keep i posted the under the late night transportation group called for by commissioner lee
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and supervisor mar passing has launched an effort a partnership by the department of workforce development and office of entertainment commission commission taking the lead with the department of workforce development and ourselves we have distributed surveys that is available on line on night life and the respondents are encouraged to lettuce know what your late night transportation difficulties are and we hope that we'll be able to report back on this in the next few months and a beyond the scope in city hall go room 278 for those interested in attending a slew of transportation efforts is in my report the katrero hill is moving along well, the process we're conducting with
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bridge housing and other city agencies to prove safety and in the term term to benefit people ahead of the sf we build project and the improvements there's a clear need for lighting to help with the internal katrero's hill recreation area we respondent to the advocate by supervisor cohen and working together with the planning department and mta staff to recommend rec and park improvements to be through the development fees we're pleased that the lighting project will continue to help to light the way for the folks in the neighborhood the chinatown transportation plan held on outreach meeting this was with the chinatown community development center in the
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vicinity of the seethes we're looking to raise the impacts and improve pedestrian safety and we will share that with the other agencies and our particularly in charge of the plan can be reached on the website the transportation feasibility study out of san mateo will be holding workshops on thursday october 23rd from 6 to 10:00 p.m. at bayshore from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. we're convening a neighborhood group to conduct outreach in chinese and stay posted to our website in this stage of the study looking for how to make
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transportation stronger through bart and the bicycle safety and we'll be reporting back to the plans and programs community the transportation authority is conducting a research the trained supervisors will go door-to-door on the i would like to reach people and surveyors will be available at the treasure island food upon try in the building and all who complete a survey will win a cash card we encourage the folks to weigh in on their needs as part of the treasure island go mobility management plan rachel is our transportation person and the caltrain vehicle outreach meeting that is happening on september 29th is important one
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i want to encourage the members of the public and our offices to please help us spread the word caltrain is facing an effort to replace the vehicles with electronic vehicles and the transportation authority is alongside the san mateo and santa clara state through the cap & trade and high speed rail program and the outreach meeting will be on monday, september 29th in the mount view city offices on castro street contact our office contact lee sagging on the other hand, and we'll be collecting comments those vehicles and the efforts we make will determine the future with the high speed rail between transbay terminal in san francisco and along the south bay peninsula i believe the
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transbay joint powers authority will be holding hearings and we'll see them here at the board of supervisors in the coming months with regards to project delivery the mayor signed the contracts congratulate sfmta director reiskin and john healing will i and supervisor breed thank you for leading the charge on the legislation and all the 11 members of the board have supported this it's a tremendous investments so far the procurement and certainly will provide for the needed reliability and an expansion as we moved over the next 15 years i 20 replacement finishes we're grateful to our partners and district 4 staff the director of the caltrain office that led the job that was the thirds phase
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during the holiday weekend it's a huge effort to close down 280. >> thank you to the sfmta and the dpw getting the word out it was collected without incident thank you caltrain and we look forward to future collaborations along other seethes of our freeway fulsome street as in the news had a smooth closer as well i want to echo the chairs appreciation to listing and our new communication officer eric hit the ground running and he is the spokesperson on this important projecting program this will support the creation of a more are usually space as a
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redevelopment plan as well as improve pedestrian safety you'll have a handful at the back of the report or go to our website for more information islanders e my understanding it's been smooth and that ramp will be closed for 6 months to create a more usually partly to support the redevelopment program the bay area i want to congratulate cindy and kim who you who supported the astronomical vehicles to the car flooethd fleet the transportation authority helped with the fleet policy several years ago we received a very climate initiative from m t c and caltrain for this initiative
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project and this promotion adaptation of clean technology finally cindy fong our intrepid deputy for the administration has launched our enterprise system this is a major management system financial and computer systems that allow us to have streamlined access to processes and accounts that will allow us to do business with our partners and partners thank you very much to cynthia and many members of the team that implemented that prong in a quick and efficient manner thank you for your generation al improvements in our efficiency finally, i would like to close with a thank you to elizabeth she's our analysis person that will be heading to the seattle
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area to join her partner as we start a new life elizabeth has served us for the past replacement when i was appointed to the executive director she was filling in for me over the last 6 years your attractions have been tremendous in terms of our initiative and forecasting model but you're planning studies and creating a mentorship of future generations of analysts for our field and benefiting us by participating in journals and conferences and serving as an expert in our field this is a small and specialized area we wish you all the best as you serve humanity
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through our future endeavors whatever whichever way you head thank you elizabeth with that, i conclude any remarks. >> supervisor mar. >> i want to thank our director and staff for the incredible work but did you summarizes of the grants we were at the oakland historic sunday march in new york city and i'm following also the flood wall street in yesterday and a grassroots climate justice summit that's going on in coordination with the united nations summit but it helps to put the work he do all the pieces you went throw in a bigger context of what we're doing in our city whether or not
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collaborations to seattle to other efforts to reduce green house gas emissions and help with the systems change it's a key goal at the new york united nations summit and api i've been reading james henderson's street fidelity i'm appreciative of the vehicles but he makes a key point with efforts like in san francisco and portland it makes a dent on the reduction of green house gas emissions but we have to do more like reducing the number of car trips or the the way we take transit or ride bikes is drill i want to say something while i'm on any soapbox thank you to the prop k in cooperation with the other agencies and communities in
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going forward with our every 4 year plan i'm appreciative of the leadership of our leaders tilly chang everything we do with the work we do in i think cooperation with a lot of happening at the ups globally but in new york city as well thank you. >> thank you supervisor mar for those kind words. >> thank you if there are no other remarks from the board so gone to public comment. >> i was in chinatown in the morning had my breakfast on broadway close to stockton i was enjoying my talk to the four side of people in chinatown routinely restaurant and think i was holding a platform for myself and all of a sudden
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outside the restaurant of the construction in the city there is noise and being a hostess really construction work outside and then the duty i didn't and pollution was right there we have to look at the restaurants i had to go to other restaurant to continue my day a no nonsense construction noise since this is truly necessary construction wo work. >> thank you very much are there are had is there any additional public comment seeing none, public comment is closed and the informational item next. >> item 5 adaptation of the legislation items. >> colleagues questions or comments public comment is
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closed. seeing none, i have a reality. >> supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos absent supervisor chiu supervisor cohen supervisor farrell absent supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee that item passes. >> great. next item. >> item 6 authorize the executive director to execute all master agreement and fund transfer agreement and corporation and any things before the transportation authority including a pales in comparison planning grant to support the freeway initiative study and the yerba buena improvement this is an action


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